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Parent Questionnaire

This page shows the any current questionnaires plus results of the parent questionnaires that the school sends out, and the school action plan relating to the results of the questionnaires. 

Parent Questionnaire - January 2022

Thank you to all of the parents who took the time to complete the parent survey. We have now collated the results and you can see them in full here. There were some very encouraging responses, and the individual comments have been shared with and appreciated by the staff of the school. We will also take on board the helpful suggestions. We were delighted that 98% of parents said that their child was happy at school, that they felt safe, whilst 96% of parents felt their child was taught well and were making good progress. The survey did throw up some areas for us to give consideration to, particularly around how we can keep you better informed of your child’s learning and progress. The senior staff in school will be meeting over the next few weeks to consider what action we can take in these areas.

Parent Questionnaire January 2022 Results

Out of School Needs 2019

Parent Questionnaire May 2019

Parent Questionnaire May 2017

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