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Year 4 

Year 4 have been extremely busy developing our Animation skills in Computing Lessons so far this term.


We have been using 2Animate on Purple Mash to create moving images. We started by using the backgrounds on the App and creating our own animations over the top. We used the Onion Skin tool to allow us to work out where the image should be in the next frame and built this up over 6-10 frames.


The following week, we had a go at creating our own animations using inanimate objects. You’ll see that we have used all sorts of things we could around our classrooms to bring to life. It was really fun watching everyone being creative! Perhaps there is a future game designer or movie animator among us!


The examples you can see have either been produced individually or in pairs. Thanks to Savannah, Kaidon and Muhammad Ismaeel in 4JD and Evelina, Tia, Muhammad and Ayaan A in 4TM.


We will be starting a new project this week – linked to our Science and Geography topic. We won’t give away too many spoilers just yet, but keep your eyes peeled for some very exciting animations in the next few weeks!

Ayaan A

Kaidon and Savannah

Muhammad Ismaeel


Evelina and Tia


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