All Saints’ Christmas Choir Recording

Christmas Candle

As you will be aware, because of the current situation, we have not been doing any singing this term in lessons, assemblies or choir rehearsals, and will not be doing our usual Christmas Service at All Saints’ Church ☹ If you are like me, and missing singing terribly, why not join our virtual choir recording!

All Saints’ pupils are invited to record themselves singing ‘Christmas Candle’ – this was one of the lovely songs you might remember from last year’s Key Stage 2 Christmas Service. Your teachers and other school staff have also been invited to take part, so I’m hoping it will be a whole school community event. I hope to have this recording (audio not video) played in our zoom Christmas Service in the last week of term, and even shared on the school website so your parents/carers can enjoy the recording as well.

If you would like to take part and submit an audio recording, here is what you need to do:

  • Practise the song using the video below

  • When you are ready to record, plug some earphones or headphones into the device that you are playing the video on – this is so you can hear the music yourself, but it won’t be picked up on your own recording. If your recording includes the music, it may not be able to be included.

  • In a quiet space, record yourself on something that records voice only – a good app would be a Voice Recorder on a phone.

  • Once you have recorded the song, check the quality of it: Can you hear yourself clearly? Do you hear a dog barking in the background or a sibling playing? Do you hear the music on your recording? It is very normal to do several recordings until you get a really good one, believe me!

  • Once you have a recording you are happy with, send it to me via email (see below). The deadline for recordings is Friday 4th December 2020. This will give me time to put it all together – if it is a couple of days late, I won’t mind too much, but any later and it may not make it into the recording. If I have 50 recordings to edit, I’m going to need plenty of time!

Below is the video that you will need to use. It includes a count-in, lyrics, the backing track, and instructions of how to prepare for recording.

In the 3rd verse, there may be an opportunity for a solo/small group opportunity, as you will hear in the track. If you would like to be considered for that, please let me know when you email me your finished recording.

To submit your finished recording, or if you have any questions about this project, please email me at

Have Fun!